SQL SCCM Query to return Advertisements, Programs and Main Users of all Computers

This SCCM SQL Query return each Computer, it's Advertisements & Programs and the Main User

SELECT v_Advertisement.AdvertisementName, v_Advertisement.ProgramName,Netbios_Name0 as Computername,v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER.SystemConsoleUser0 as MainUsername
(SELECT ResourceID, MAX(TotalUserConsoleMinutes0) as Anmeldezeit
GROUP BY ResourceID) AS Table1,v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER, v_R_System_Valid, v_ClientAdvertisementStatus, v_Advertisement WHERE Table1.ResourceID = v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER.ResourceID
AND Table1.Anmeldezeit = v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER.TotalUserConsoleMinutes0
AND Table1.ResourceID = v_R_System_Valid.ResourceID
AND Table1.ResourceID = v_ClientAdvertisementStatus.ResourceID
AND v_ClientAdvertisementStatus.AdvertisementID = v_Advertisement.AdvertisementID


Anonymous said...

Sorry to post an unrelated comment here but I noticed form experts exchange that you managed to update your Cisco 1200 Access point from VXWorks to IOS.

I would like to do this but am unable to get hold of a verion of IOS to perform this.

I would like my Access point to support WPA encryption, please can you help me get this old equipment working?

Many thanks

I will check here for your comments,

merowinger said...

Sorry for the late answer but my mail notification does not seem to work!
You need the tool Aironet-AP-Cisco-IOS-Conversion-Tool to perform the upgrade. Check out this for futher information: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/access_point/conversion/ios/faq/CACT_FAQ.html