Advertisement on state "WaitingDisabled"

An App-V Package which you try to deploy does not get installed.
If the App-V Package is assigned directly the Advertisement is not displayed in "Run advertised Programs". If the Package is assigned over a Task Sequence the Advertisement is visible, but cannot be executed.
In both cases the following Errors are shown:

In CAS.log and Execmgr.log Client logfiles it looks like that the sources are found, but it ends up with the message that no sourcefiles could be located.
Download location found 1
Matching DP Location found 0

Also the state of the Advertisement is on WaitingDisabled

The ConfigMgr behaviour is this case is correct, cause App-V is not active on your ConfigMgr Site

Solution: Enable the AppV deployment on your site in the Client Agent Settings -> Advertised Programs Client Agent -> "Allow virtual application package advertisement"


Anonymous said...

Any chance that execmgr.log would show an error message that's more descriptive? See http://www.mssccmfaq.de/2010/11/23/appv-fehler/

merowinger said...

I first saw the advertisement state "WaitingDisabled" after installing the Roger Zander Client Center and showing the "Running Executions" http://smsclictr.sourceforge.net/